Receive a custom student loan plan tailored to your circumstances.


We evaluate if you should pursue IDR or PSLF forgiveness through your strategy.

Income-Driven Repayment

All income-driven repayment plans are evaluated based on your individual circumstances.

Private Refinancing

We help you decide if you should private refinance and quickly pay off your loans.

CSLP® and CFP®

We hold the credentials needed to advise your complex student loan situation.

Why Arch Financial Planning?

We help dentists & physicians across the country evaluate repayment options for their student loan debt. For most consults, we can identify immediate action steps to save tens of thousands of dollars.

The Cost & Value of Consultation?

$799 for a single borrower with student loans. 

$1,025 for married couples. 

$1,250 for married couples when both spouses have student loans.

Who Should Book a Consultation?

Arch Financial Planning, LLC primarily serves dentists & physicians with student loans. However, there are many circumstances where we can advise other professions.

Our Process

First Step: Book Your Consultation

Book a consultation using the links on this page. After you book, you’ll receive an email with the information we need from you to complete the analysis. The list includes student loan data, income tax returns, pay stubs, family size (including expecting parents), and other details. 

Second Step: We Analyze

We will review the information and design your custom student loan plan tailored to your specific situation. We may follow up with additional clarifying questions and goals.

Third Step: We Meet Via Zoom

We will meet virtually for one hour. The typical schedule follows: 

  1. Review your goals, questions, and concerns
  2. Review repayment plan options including PSLF, IDR, and refinancing
  3. Answer clarifying questions and review action steps moving forward

Fourth Step: Implementation

After your consultation, we send your deliverable with action steps. Your customized plan will detail the numbers behind our recommendations. You support through enrollment of your income-driven repayment or refinance.

Bonus Step: Consider Long-Term Relationship

Looking for a student loan plan but not an ongoing relationship with a financial planner? You’re in the right place. 

Would you prefer to work with an advisor that understands student loans? Visit this page instead.

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