We Do Our Best Work With

Associate Dentists

We help associate dentists build a financial plan to become dental practice owners. 

Dental Practice Owners

We help dental practice owners accomplish their goals and grow their wealth.

High Earning Professionals

We work with professionals whose income & student loan balances are above $250,000.

You Want Help With All Of This

Student Loan Planning

We build a customized student loan plan for you. We analyze changes and legislation so you don’t have to.

Tax Planning

We coordinate a multi-year strategic plan to minimize taxes over your lifetime. 

Practice Transitions

We help you integrate the purchase and sale of a dental practice into your financial plan. 

Investment Management

We used evidence-based investing to help you reach your goals. 

Insurance & Estate Planning

We ensure you have the right documents and coverage in place for your loved ones.

Retirement Planning

We help you maximize each dollar saved towards your financial independence. 

Who Should Schedule A Call

Schedule A Call If: 

  1. You want to work with an advisor in an ongoing capacity.
  2. You’ve thoroughly read through our website and understand our value proposition.
  3. You are ready to receive value that far exceeds our fees.

Don’t Schedule A Call If:

  1. You aren’t sure if now is the time to hire an advisor in an ongoing capacity. 
  2. You haven’t read through our services and fees. 

Our Process

Step 1: Complimentary Introduction Meeting

(Phone or Zoom) 30-60 minutes 

We meet for about 45 minutes to get to know each other and make sure our expertise matches your needs.

The purpose is to get to know you, your goals, concerns, and your financial situation. 

Step 2: We Email You a Proposal

You can review a sample summary and our service model.

After our initial discussion, we provide you with a comprehensive summary of our services, recommend the ideal plan for you, and provide an estimated fee should you choose to become a client.

Our goal is to ensure you clearly understand our offerings and can make an informed decision.

Step 3: Think It Through

Ready to enhance your financial life? Consider these essential questions:

– Are we feeling heard and understood?
– Do we trust that Arch Financial Planning can effectively address our financial concerns?
– Will investing in this partnership increase our chances of achieving our goals?
– Does Arch Financial Planning exhibit credibility, trustworthiness, and likability?


Our Ongoing Service Model & Process

Step 1: Sign the Client Agreement

We both sign our client agreement that outlines our services and fees. 

We kick-off our onboarding process to become a client!

Step 2: Discovery Meeting

(Zoom, Phone Call, or In-Person)

60 Minutes

We need to diagnose before we can prescribe.

We will learn more about your family and financial goals.

We will collect additional data, ask important questions, and get clear on your retirement needs or student loan concerns.

Step 3: Organize Your Financial Life & Explore Possibilities 

Understand where you are.

We apply our expertise to what we’ve discovered about you!

Your financial assessment will be guided by your answers to our questions, along with the documents you provide.

We apply our expertise and understanding of who you are to analyze your situation and demonstrate how we answer these critical questions for you:

  1. How should you tackle your student loans?
  2. Are you on track to reach your long-term goals?
  3. How can your tax bill be reduced?
  4. How can your investments be improved?

Step 4: Plan & Analysis Delivery

(Zoom, Phone Call, or In-Person)

90 Minute Meeting

We present your customized plan with actionable steps to you.

We will detail all investment, tax, and retirement planning strategies you can deploy. 

Sometimes this meeting can run longer if you want to review other scenarios. We are happy to work with you!

Step 5: Implement & Monitor.

Our ongoing services. 


We help you implement the financial plan. 

Whether it’s opening and funding investment accounts or coordinating the latest tax move with your CPA, we’ve got your back.

We will meet at least 2-4 times per year to review the plan after it’s delivered. Plus, we’re on call when you need us most. 

Ready to Chat?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Still Have Questions?

Check out our interview with Dr. Paul Goodman to learn more about us as a key resource to the dental community. 


Arch Financial Planning, LLC is an Investment Adviser offering services in Georgia and in other jurisdictions where exempt from registration. All views, expressions, and opinions included in this communication are subject to change.