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We provide a free assessment to help improve your financial plan, reduce taxes, and evaluate our services.
Note: this assessment is not a substitute for a comprehensive financial plan.

We Do Our Best Work With

Dentists & Physicians

We specialize in working with Gen X & Gen Y Dentists and Physicians who are trying to manage student loans and start life on the right foot forward. 

Diligent Savers or High Earners

We do our best financial planning for households that either earn more than $200,000 of household income or have $750,000 saved excluding real estate.

Referrals From Existing Clients

Thanks to our vetting process, we love who we work with! If you’re a referral from an existing client then we’d love to consider an exception and work with you too!

Our Process

Step 1: Complimentary Introduction Meeting

(Phone or Zoom) 30-60 minutes 

We meet for about 45 minutes to get to know each other and make sure our expertise matches your needs.

The purpose is to get to know you, your goals, concerns, and your financial situation. 

Step 2: Discovery Meeting

(Zoom, Phone Call, or In-Person)

60 Minutes

We need to diagnose before we can prescribe.

We will learn more about your family and financial goals.

We will collect additional data, ask important questions, and get clear on your retirement needs or student loan concerns.

Step 3: We Analyze

We do the heavy lifting.

We apply our expertise to what we’ve discovered about you!

Your free Financial Assessment will be guided by your answers to our questions, along with the documents you provide.

We apply our expertise and understanding of who you are to analyze your situation and demonstrate how we answer these critical questions for you:

  1. How should you tackle your student loans?
  2. Are you on track to reach your long-term goals?
  3. How can your tax bill be reduced?
  4. How can your investments be improved?

Step 4: Plan & Analysis Delivery

(Zoom, Phone Call, or In-Person)

90 Minute Meeting

We present your customized plan with actionable steps to you.

We will detail all investment, tax, and retirement planning strategies you can deploy. 

Sometimes this meeting can run longer if you want to review other scenarios. We are happy to work with you!

Bonus Step: Consider a Long-Term Relationship with Arch Financial Planning

You can take the plan we’ve presented and (1) implement it yourself or (2) hire us to do the heavy lifting for you.

Our full-service includes:

Investment management, retirement/tax plan updates, student loan repayment or forgiveness planning, insurance analysis, estate planning, and retirement withdrawal strategies.

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